Saturday, March 17, 2012


I can not believe it has been a year since my life made a 180 degree turn. Actually, it began to turn on December 19, 2010, one month and five days after my 40th birthday. It was this date in December that I suffered the absolute worst and horrifying headache I have ever had.  I chose to do nothing about it, I refused to be a weenie and rush to the ER because of a bad headache. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor here in town for the end of that month and I mentioned it to him. Thus, it began.

I was scheduled for a MRI and a meeting with a neurologist. The MRI came back clear, but the neurologist was still concerned with all the possibilities. He called in for another MRI and and MRA, just to be safe, along with countless blood tests.  The blood work was clear, but there, in the MRI, was a problem.

I'm interrupting myself here because there is a family history of aneurisms on my Dad's side. His Mother, my namesake, died of a brain aneurism in the 1950's, when my Daddy was 12. To say it was sudden and unexpected would be an understatement. My Dad's aunt, Lela Mae's sister, has aneurisms in her neck. Now you know.

My problem was that family trait, an aneurism sitting there behind my right eye. Neurologist sends me to the neurosurgeon.

February, 2011
 My Mom went with me to the appointments, my rock. Dr. White listens to the family history and wants to operate ASAP to clip it before it ruptures. I want to wait until May. The school year will be almost over. My students wont need me as much. I needed to see them through the state testing. The doctors and my Mom, I remember then all disbelieving my insistence that I wait. I compromised and told them I wanted to talk to my family and my principal before I schedule anything.  I will just summerize by saying that they all agreed sooner was better than later.  Surgery is scheduled for spring break.

March 2011
The week before my surgery date I am being completely dorky. It is brain surgery, so I cut and color my hair, lest my doctors see my roots. My students, my beautiful, beautiful "babies" have brought me so many cards, gifts, and chocolate! They know I will be out for six weeks, minimum. The DATE is set for Spring Break, March 17, so, me being me, I get a pedicure and have my toes painted a guacamole green color; no pinching me for no green while I am under the knife.

Mom and I stayed in Dallas at a hotel the night before and showed up bright and early for the surgery.  I don't remember much about that morning, except for making stupid, nervous jokes before I go to sleep. Needless to say, I came out fine after. still teaching middle school. still slightly nutty. But I will always celebrate St. Patrick's Day for a different reason